Oct 6, 2016

I've decided to close TOR Designs and have relaunched as Wellness with Tor.

Please search for my instagram and facebook page, and the website is launching soon!

Looking forward to seeing you there!! XX

Aug 17, 2016

Full Moon/Mood + Yoga

With the full moon lunar eclipse upon us it is said that if you practice Ashtanga yoga that the day of a full moon is a holiday where you will find most Ashtanga classes cancelled. The honour behind this understanding comes from the moon affecting tidal rhythms, and with humans been made up of 70% water, the moon is said to have a similar effect on our internal tides, thus affecting our energy levels, joints and the likelihood of injury. 

Do you practice yoga on a full moon day, or perhaps you notice a shift in your thoughts or mood around a full moon? The spiritual research foundation makes a very interesting article with relation to the full moon and its frequencies. 

"The moon frequencies have the capacity to make the thought frequencies from the impressions in our sub-conscious mind to surface to the conscious mind. Once in the conscious mind we become aware of them. Thus one will be influenced as per the predominant impressions in one’s mind.
On a full moon day as the moon frequencies are more active, a heightened activity of the mind is observed as explained above. Depending on the types of impressions from the sub-conscious mind that are activated, the heightened activity can range from heightened random thoughts to heightened mind activity of specific thoughts."

One might say that these are moon myths.... So the saying goes "it must be the full moon"!

Whatever you wish for, I wish for you too, and pray that your hopes, dreams and wishes come true.

Aug 16, 2016

NEW post! Yes!!
The first photo was taken over a year ago now when I lived in Bondi Beach, Australia. I've since moved to Bristol, UK (see second photo) and do very much miss the beach but I'm loving the fresh air and divine countryside literally at my doorstep. Its about making the most of each moment, and giving it what you've got. 
And then remember to breathe....

Icebergs Swimming Pool, Bondi Beach, Australia

Ashton Court Estate, Bristol, UK

Jan 17, 2013

Rising to the Challenge

Source of original article I found whilst reading Monument Magazine 112, Pg62.
I adore the natural light and tonal colours of this house, and how it complements Australian native woods and landscape.

This incredible Rozelle Terrace house is located in Sydney and was designed by Australian studio Carter Williamson Architects. It was originally an ordinary 1900s terrace house and has been transformed into a contemporary residence.
Read more redca dot net .....

Sep 5, 2012

A few favourite cooking books

Blog post inspiration from Harpers Bazaar story 

“The ever-gorgeous Ricky Lauren just published The Hamptons: Food, Family, And History, and in it, she divulges some of her so-good family recipes. - Annie Georgia Greenberg

'The Art Of Living According To Joe Beef: A Cookbook Of Sorts'

"These guys know Montréal and the food scene like the back of their hand. Whenever possible, the ingredients they use are of the highest quality and the freshest available bought from local or family-owned producers." - Chantelle Grady

Found over at Little Things

HOME MADE / info

Yvettevan Boven, photography Oof Verschuren

A unique cook- & DIY book, with over 200 recipes and ideas for home made food.

"How do you make cheese from pantry staples? How do you create an oven smoker from scratch in just two minutes? How do you make ice cream without an ice cream machine? And how can you use your homemade cheese, smoked fish, ice cream and many other products in original recipes?"

Aug 30, 2012

black, white, touch of colour

Images sourced from Scandanavian Retreat.


Photo: Line Thit Klein, styling Helen Wiggers via The Style Files

LOVE concrete floors.
images found at Emmas DesignBlog

Apartment of Danish jewellery designer Stine A. Johansen via The Style Files