Dec 17, 2009

A Christmas Chocolate Treat!

Now with Christmas on the nigh, I am sure we are all thinking about gifts and good foods for the table. I believe that as well as the roasted turkey, leg of ham and freshly prepared seafood, it is important to serve some quality special treats for desert; hmmm well... I have managed to get my hands on a sweet ol' recipe that should charm the boots off any guest!!!

Minty Chocolate Christmas Cookie Recipe

Try to use Dagoba cacao powder for these cookies, but its not mandatory. Try to seek out organic powdered sugar, which isn't as bright white as typical powdered sugar, but once you beat a bunch of air into it, it brightens right up (see photos). This recipe calls for whole wheat pastry flour, but you can use unbleached all-purpose flour if you like.
1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 cup nonalkalized cocoa powder
1 egg white
3/4 teaspoon fine-grain sea salt
1 1/2 cups whole-wheat pastry flour
Peppermint cream filling:
2+ cups powdered sugar, sifted
10 - 15 drops peppermint extract (to taste)
1/4 cup half and half (or water if you are going to keep the cookies around unrefrigerated for a while)
Pre-heat the oven to 350F degrees, position the racks in the middle of the oven, and line two baking sheets with parchment paper or a Silpat.
Using a stand mixer or handheld mixer, cream the butter until light and fluffy. Add the powdered sugar and cream some more, scraping the sides of the bowl a time or two. Stir in the vanilla extract, cocoa powder, egg white, and salt and mix until the cocoa powder is integrated and the batter is smooth and creamy and the consistency of a thick frosting. Add the flour and mix just until the batter is no longer dusty looking. It might still be a bit crumbly, and that's okay.
Turn the dough out onto a floured work surface, gather it into a ball, and knead it just once or twice to bring it together into a smooth mass. Divide into two pieces place each into a plastic bag and flatten into disks roughly 1 inch thick. Put the dough in the freezer for 20 minutes to chill.
One bag at a time remove the dough from the freezer. On a well floured surface roll it out very thin (remember these are going to be sandwich cookies) - roughly 1/8 inch thick. Or you might find it easiest to roll it out between to Silpats or pieces of plastic. Stamp out cookies in whatever shape you like - I used tiny scalloped circles here. Place on the prepared baking sheets, and bake for 7-10 minutes, or until they small of deep warm chocolate with toasty overtones. Larger cookies will take longer to cook than smaller ones. Remove from the oven and cool completely on a wire rack (if you have one).
While the cookies are baking, go ahead and make the filling. Using a stand mixer or handheld mixer, whisk together the sugar and half and half until nice and fluffy. You want the filling to be thick enough that it doesn't ooze out the sides of the cookies after they are filled, so if you need to add more powdered sugar, do so in small increments. If you need to thin out your filling, add more half and half a few drops at a time. Whisk in the peppermint extract a bit at a time, and taste as you go, the peppermint flavor shouldn't be overwhelming. When the cookies have completely cooled slather a bit of filling on half of the cookies. Top each slather with another cookie and enjoy!
Makes about 3 dozen 1 1/2-inch sandwich cookies.

Nov 26, 2009

Nov 21, 2009

Natasha Poly @ Alexander Wang

Many apologises to you all for not blogging for over 1 month now! How I have missed adding my updates and keeping you all informed of weekly fashion, news and events.

I am going to do my best at keeping this more up-to-date from here on in, after now settled into my new job, life seems somewhat more organised!

Stay tuned all. xx

I found this gorgeous black dress and want one! There is something about off shoulder dresses that I find so feminine.

Oct 11, 2009

Monoprint digital artwork..

Paintings artist Vladimir Zunuzin (fr. Vladimir Zounouzin)

Sep 24, 2009

Oh My, I have found my Friday fantasy...

In love, with these outfits..... Inspiration for Friday night fun.

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Sep 23, 2009

A Master of Fine Tailoring

Ann Demeulemeester is renowned for creating pieces of timeless appeal. A talent for architectural construction and expert tailoring has set her apart from her contemporaries and highlighted her as an artist with a flair for individuality. The sylvana jacket is the perfect example of Ann Demeulemeester's tailoring ability and distinctive style. A beautifully embroidered double-breasted jacket in a contemporary off-white color.The sylvana jacket is truly versatile and the perfect addition to a refined day look over trousers or a stunning evening look worn over a evening dress.

Sep 10, 2009

Vogue Covers - Sienna Vogue Love

would love some of what she has... on. (see final images)

Left: Alexander Wang plum polyamide dress. Regitze Overgaard for Georg Jensen sterling-silver bracelet.

Aug 27, 2009

Birdiebirthday beauties

I found these great gift cards on etsy, us them for birthdays, thank-you's or the like, so fresh, sweet and bright...

Print Me Stationary PDF.

Aug 20, 2009

Summer lovin

Very cute bright coloured shoes for Spring/Summer. Walnut Melbourne cute kids shoes. (Which i am sure some adults could sneak on...)

Aug 10, 2009

Violet & I

The story of Australian designer fashion label Violet & I began in 2009, marking the start of cutting edge designs made from the highest quality materials, all manufactured in Australia.

With an eye for detail and strong drive to work hard, Australian Melbournite Anna Linklater has proven her goals as a success with many stockist wanting part in her sophistacated and fun, modern and chic designs, being inspired by bohemian and vintage life styles.

You can find them, and more about her pieces at her website Violet & I.

I can’t wait to see what is next for this exciting Australian fashion designer, Autum/Winter 2010 collection?

Aug 4, 2009

Look out Zombie fans

The New Karen Walker is out.

A playful bold collection of childlike guys and girls sporting vampire fangs and interesting as they come names to coincide. Some of these are; "Helter Skelter," "Voodoo" and "Jonestown." The eyewear itself is anything but eerie; with innovative nods to the past the feeling is fresh and lively, if not even a bit silly—perfect for summertime fun.

Check em out here

Jul 30, 2009

punchy pillows

I saw these pillows at 'this is not a design market'. I knew i had to have them.
You can find them here at her Website Or at her Blog
Also you can find them at a few different design/art/craft markets around Melbourne during the winter months.

Jul 26, 2009

ditte isager

Love love his work, industrial, yet modern feel to homewares and ++++ PHOTOGRAPHY! Please check out his work. Beautiful images.

ditte isager

Jul 25, 2009

black is black choo

Recently I have found myself taken back by many pairs of expensive high heeled shoes. These divine numbers remind my why London is a great place to live. Strappy black patent are my favourites. If only i could zip down to H&M and pick some up for a 1/4 of the price. Londres calling....

Please read the article here: Vogue

Jul 24, 2009

Si Si

Here she wears military jacket and pants as Sienna always comes up with a sheik version to any fashion trend . 

LOVE the shoes! Those hot little numbers i can see worn with crisp summer shirt-dresses and even a fitted black cocktail dress.

Pictures from

this is not a design market





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