Feb 22, 2011

Ladder of all ladders

This is another of my favourite pieces at home that was purchased from a fabulous furniture store in Richmond called Aero Designs.
The ladder of which at the time I could not decide if to be white or red.. Of which now I am so happy I decided to go with the red as it complements all the other lighter items in the room.. Its a bit like the Christmas rake I posted back in Dec. A touch of any color with neutral or wood work so well in lifting a rooms energy. Whats your favourite uplifting colour?

Feb 16, 2011

Little Favourite Finds..

It is sometimes just the little things that make you feel at home... Bits and pieces that you've collected over the years, that become part of you. When we appreciate the little things they can inspire us and help us to follow our dreams...
I am sharing with you my four favourite items for the week, that sit resting on my shelving space, waiting for me to pick them up and hold them, make them feel at home. It is these four finds that I see everyday and love so very much, but have neglected and now feel its time they have some light directed towards them...

Each week from now and here forward I hope my readers enjoy my little treats that deserve to be shared with all the special people that might need a little light shined into their day, or even a moment to be part of the now.
Love, Victoria x

My Ornamental Pear.

Simply Scandanavian. By Sara Norrman

Close your eyes and make a wish!

Home is.....
Where the heart is....

(This piece of writing came into my life one day last year. I had a message from the post office that something was waiting for me. I couldn't remember ordering anything but was keen to find out what it was. This was it. A card of writing, of poetry describing the beautiful things in life that make us feel at home, what a gift.)

And last but not least, the fern of Sara. Not only does the little maple, given to me from a good friend, love life and provide me with fresh new leaves that flow in the wind, so too does the little fern. This ones for you Sara. x

Enjoy xx