Mar 23, 2009

perfect moments

i just wanted share this blissful photograph, picturesque lakeside. perfect with a book at sundown.

Mar 19, 2009

This is my first post!

I just found this fantastic site after being inspired for wall prints. Cute as, even for the kids. Hang them with wooden pegs or frame them in white picture frames...

The Owl Couple, Giclee Art Print

The Flower, Giclee Art Print

Hello Birdie, Giclee Art Print

The Bird Cage, Giclee Art Print

From Little Things, Giclee Art Print

About Us

Printspace is a range of bold, unique and quirky artwork. A natural extension from a background in graphic design and fine arts, Mara and Nicholas Girling have created a collection of art that will fit happily on any wall. Inspired by their two little boys, a natural desire to create, textile design and the modernist era, the art prints are created by combining hand drawn elements, digital art and collage.
Enjoy... a little print in your space.