Jan 1, 2010

One for the boys.

Cheaply Replacing a MacBook Screen.

121809_rg_BrokenScreen_01.jpgUnless your MacBook screen was shot by Israeli police, like the one pictured above, you'll probably be looking for a cheaper way of replacing that costly screen

121809_rg_BrokenScreen_02.jpgWe know that these days, your laptop is the center of most of your daily activities involving computers, from working, playing, and networking. However, you might not know this, but it costs at least $700 to replace a MacBook screen. If you've damaged your screen and it isn't covered by the warranty, expect to pay as much to have an Apple technician replace it, which is about two thirds the price of a new MacBook.

Wired has published a Wiki guide on how to repair it on the cheap. The process is pretty simply. You just need to buy a certified replacement screen on Amazon or eBay, and then install it. If you aren't comfortable by doing this yourself, you should find a friend who can do this for you or simply drop by your PC computer repair store, not the Apple store. The tools you'll need are a guitar pick and a tiny screwdriver. Expect to pay between $75-300 for a certified Apple replacement screen.

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