Aug 1, 2010

lemon tart monday

Philip Lawton not only sells the finest French cookers in town, he also knows how to cook the most appealing lemon tart I have tried, and yet to differ. After been given a large bag of freshly picked lemons, Phil insisted on making his famous (with our family) lemon tart. We were lucky enough to be home when a visit, very kindly included two of these little beauties of which I could not help but shoot. 
Together with my yellow bird towels found at Bahamonde in Elwood, thanks to my dear friend Anna of Violet & I who assisted my purchase of these treasures, the little tarts took form, and as delightful as ever gave the perfect food shot for my weekend. I am thoroughly satisfied to get a shot in, as the weather has been dark, wet and gloomy, but with today's sunshine, my Nikon D60 was waiting to get to work.

image © victoria robertson

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