Jul 25, 2010

culinary adventure of treats & chatter

Part of the State of Design Festival Melbourne.

 Liz Untin, 'Green Papaya' cotton & wool


After walking through the front doors at the Australian Tapestry Workshop you are faced with some very unique works that catch your eye, not only because of the stunning rich colour but the fact that they have been made by hand just astounds me. First off you think that the pieces look like paintings, but once you get closer and feel the combined cotton & wool textures you realise these pieces involve hours of hard work and patience.

The enchanting duo, Rachel Khoo & Frankie Unsworth,  met on a culinary adventure in Paris a few years ago and put their love for food and creativity together to form Edible Tales. When I heard of the pair coming to Melbourne, I knew I had to be there to experience their evening of delectable food, treats and story telling. The thought of sitting in the Australian Tapestry Workshop with a group of people I have never met really excited me, plus I kept an open mind about the evening since really, I had no idea what to expect..... how much fun I had, what a great bunch. Thank - you!


Molly Dooker supported the duo with superior wines to compliment each of the 6 courses. Starting off with a lovely Verdelho, (mind you, this was after the most tantalizing Martini of Elderflower and Tanqueray 10) we were served a very delicate plate of vegetal threads, followed by spaghetti with flavorsome cauliflower crumbs (with a superb crunch), then there was the scarlet dashi, beef cheeks followed by fruit with holy goat, finally punchcard millefeuilles. In between courses, our glasses were filled (with thanks to the delightful hostesses) Maitre d' Cabernet Sauvignon, Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz, and Carnival of Love with a lovely fizzy zing. The gorgeous foodie names these two come up with are just so special. Throughout the night as you begin to read the menu for what is coming next, you are served up a special treat that makes you feel like you are part of a tale, a tale that rings romanticism and wholeheartedness.

Rachel Khoo plating up main course, of waffle and beef cheeks. Smells divine...

How to weave.....

The intricacy of the setting included cute little boxes for weaving (see below), with needles attached to ribbons, hand made napkins stitched with ETT and tapestry tale menus. 

Thank-you to the lovely Rachel and Frankie, as too the company I had throughout the evening, it really was very special. I must admit there were some very cute tapestry pieces going on; like Meg's above. What a great way to get to know people and enjoy great food and wine. xx

All images © Victoria Robertson

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