Jul 15, 2010

July - August, not a moment to lose!

Firstly I would like to apologise that I may be a little slow with my updates over the next few months. My daily job, which entails working with some gorgeous contemporary furniture pieces, comes at a cost at times... fulltime being that part of it. As I have just taken on a course, together with my blog, working full time takes away too many of my joyous hours of writing. But I will not indulge you in my daily scriptures and will share with you one of the blessings that has excited me during these colder months. Continuing for one month is an exhibition about 'Surviving Sustainability' which is one of the many absorbing events as part of the State of Design thats happening in Melbourne as we speak.

Surviving Sustainability begins Friday 16th July until 14th August, 12-6pm Thursday to Saturday at Y3K Gallery in Fitzroy and will be using photographic documentation and materials relating directly to how we use and produce sustainable products in design and our daily lives. ffixxed will play host with James Deutsher to this exciting performance of eco friendly designs and production and I am sure will awe-inspire any of those as passionate about this topic as me.

As lucky as us Melbournians are, there is more.... 
If you make a trip to Melbourne Central (the city being a place I don't usually get too, unless there is something very special worth the hustle and bustle), or maybe your daily grind is situated amongst it, you must during your lunch break or on a strolling Sunday, make your way to another glorified event that this team, amongst others will play part in a build, design and a literature collaboration to create a multifunctional workshop.  Condiment Magazine and Sibling Architect will be gnawing away at a kitchen utilizing sustainable design and creative.  Running until 24th July from 12-6pm Sunday through to Wednesday right here. Be quick time is of the essence! xxxxx

Some pictures to get your energy blooming!

photos by Jarrod Rawlins

photo by ffixxed

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