Oct 26, 2010

Bringing our quiet space to life!

On this lovely day, Tommy Boy and I had begun the story of repotting and planting of Ficus, Miss Maple and Herbs. This is a job I have longed for to be complete, the poor ficus suffered many years ago during our heat wave and tended to shrivel in the meantime.. and hearty thyme and mint I had growing for 2 years was unfortunately eaten by the hungry possums during winter. It was in this event, that this days job was to inspire a new fresh look and bring the verandah to life with a lush garden, ready for summertime. Its on this verandah,  many books are read, and many hours spent with friends, where we will soak up the sun and enjoy what life has to offer!

A big thank-you to to my helper on this day... after our trip to the nursery, Tom began to redecorate our little quiet space, whilst I did a lot of camera shooting! The job wouldn't have been done without him. 

Today our new herbs have taken to the new soil, and are all smelling and looking fabulous.

I now invite you to see the story of these luscious greens, as they take part in making our home feel pure and peaceful. xxxxx

This maple was given to me from a great friend, one who I have not seen for too long as she now resides in Thailand. Sarah darling, Miss Maple is ever so free as her soft leaves move too the wind. xxx

We have a rose that grows in one of the ficus, she is just about to bloom. (I'll be sure to capture that moment. Watch this space!)



  1. Miss Maple has bloomed Beauteous Maximus!!!....thank you so much for taking good care of my green leafed friend!!

    love,love,love from Thailand


  2. Oh darling, so it is a blooming beauty. Great to hear from you!
    Much love from Melbourne.