Oct 11, 2010

a flower, a rose by any other name..

As I enter through our front gates I see not only white, and pink and red flowers, but green leaves blossoming on all the trees.  Spring has sprung. Birds are nesting and trees taking form with flourishing goodness of crisp leaves and branches. Listen to the birds as they tweet with joy. It is these months that i appreciate living in such a beautiful green city with parks and wildlife a minute away..

my new beautiful white teapot, thank you Zero Japan


  1. those flowers are so so beautiful. love, love, love.

  2. WOW, these things are beautiful. In a nostalgic, calm, wonderful way. I agree with Ann Marie. Love, love, love.


  3. Thank-you lovely ladies, love your work!

    After recently having a trip to the country, I've collected some more gorgeous flowers of bloom. Cannot wait to share them with you xx