Oct 18, 2010

a place in the country, a treasured experience.

This post is in admiration for my father who's birthday is today. Happy Birthday Dad! xxx

In dedication to Arthur and his amazing work with wood, and the passion for designing a stunning home with garden to match, I have taken some sneeky shots of his, and partner Cynthia's property, in Paynesville Vic, to capture and share with you the true dedication and beauty that they have always dreamed for, and now abode.

Whilst staying with my father and Cynthia recently, I was lucky enough to experience three amazing things that truly made my stay memorable. Firstly, as I entered the home and took sight of the lake front (click on image right and you can just see the blue water through the house), I instantly thought I saw someone swimming. The problem was that it was a freezing 12 degrees outside, so I was already a little stunned.  As we walked a little further inside, giving us a closer view of the water we all at once said 'wow!' and it was then we noticed a large amount of dolphins playing in the water, it was not someone swimming, but dolphins jumping high out, splashing around whilst diving for fish. It simply was one of the most amazing natural moments I have ever experienced. There they all where, mind you I'd say approximately 25 of them spread right the way across the lake, jumping and having a fabulous time. What a sight.... We were all stunned as we watched them swim away, and thought to ourselves how lucky we were to have just walked in at that moment, a moment that is said to offer spiritual guidance, freedom and wisdom.

My second amazing encounter was when walking around the garden I discovered the newly bloomed flowers looking just so beautiful as they took colour and shape. I watched them each day, and each day a new flower would open up and be ready for spring time elements.

It was when I reached the side of the house where I spotted some garden furniture that looked rather familiar to that of Twiggys. I asked Arthur if he'd bought these from Greg in Melbourne, and with that he looked a little confused. 'Nope I made them myself' he said. I was astounded. I told him they were a replica of the ones I'd seen around the blog-sphere similar to Twiggys and that we have another twiggy here! Arthur, now retired, wanted to make something out of the branches he had left over from some trees he'd tidied up. First he built a chair (Chair 1), in dedication to his mother Roma, who sadly passed last year, and then with the left overs he built the bench and then another chair that seems too big to sit on.

CHAIR 1 - ever so comfortable!



I told my father their garden looks like something from a House & Garden Magazine. (never say never)

More shots of the (Santorini outdoor room). Arthur has always admired white modern spaces. Having been to Greece on a holiday one year he returned home and created a holiday at home with this white outdoor room. Absolute perfect spot to get away from the wind and read a book. Stillness. Peaceful.

My father Arthur below. One of his favourite places during the summer months. Boating. With main street Paynesville behind.

Love you Dad xxx


  1. Gorgeous Pics Tors. You are getting better and better. What a sweet daughter you are! Love Deb xxx

  2. Thanks for the lovely feedback Deb. Taking photos in springtime is too much fun! xx