Sep 3, 2010

Craft day Friday. How to make decorative vases...

I am still organising my QLD countryside photos to share with you all, but was really excited to show you what I was working on yesterday. As I haven't been feeling all that well of late, I've still managed to find plenty of things to keep me amused. One of those being creative with some crafts and old milk bottles I've collected.
It all started with the idea of incorporating red with gold, perfect Christmas decorations or gifts. Then I was at Lincraft the other day and came across some baby wool which I adored and thought perfect for the bottles. See below.


All you need for this easy task is; scissors, your choice of paper (I would love to use patterned paper from Handworks next), raffia or coloured string or cord, some blutack, and of course old bottles of vases.

birds eye view of all the bits

I even use some of the vases for tea light candles. You could decorate them all as little or as much as you like. You could have the wool covering the bottle completely, or even just a little bit so when your candles are burning you would still see the simple glow coming through.
This is the baby fine wool, so soft and easy to work with. The final product looks delicate and simple.

Here, I have chosen not to cut the wool as yet, since I am not sure if I would like to keep wrapping. I thought it was a nice example to show you the middle way wrap. Its easier also if you have the vase or product on an angle whilst you wrap.

Some final product images.... have fun!

If you are wanting to purchase milk bottles or vases, try either Camberwell Market, or your local second hand stores or cheaper giftware shops. 

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