Sep 28, 2010

the sea, the wind, nature at its best..

The following photographs were taken whilst we were away for a weekend with some friends at a costal town a few hours from our city. The air was crisp, with strong winds on the back beaches as we walked Legero and enjoyed her friendly nature, greeting those who passed by. The local surfers were out trying for those last waves of the day. We watched.. took in the fresh air and enjoyed the surroundings of the country side and rolling sea before heading back to the house for a magnificent soup and spectacular salad. (I will tell you more about this salad very soon!)

These photographs bring a sense of freedom and well being into my daily routine. I hope they transcend an emotion that enables you to feel unencumbered by. xx

Our ocean; a sense of freedom and life. Breathing the air, the birds, the smells, the wind.. alive!

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