Sep 1, 2010

my love for QLD homes

Whilst on my holiday I was taken back by a few of the original QLD homes that have so much character sitting amongst some of the newer establishment. The area where we were staying is called Mission Beach, a quiet and peaceful place, with a stunning long beach of clear waters, where you wont find, but maybe a few others enjoying, no doubt you will spot a ulysses butterfly on one of the many nature walks on offer too. 
On the Thursday night we went for a drink at the local resort Castaways where they had happy hour from 5-6pm and enjoyed watching the waves and passer bys. On the walk home, after coming from what felt like a 5 star resort parked right on the beach front, we had to walk past the gorgeous little beach shack, which I had admired since we arrived. There were 4 locals sitting out the front (roadside mind you) enjoying the sunset, chatting amongst themselves with a few drinks and a sheep... We thought to ourselves 'no other place but mission' will you find this. It was the opposite corner to the resort where this group of relaxed locals enjoy the summer air with a stuffed sheep, fake mind you. The funny part was one of the girls sitting with the sheep, made a noise so that we could hear as we passed by 'baaahhhhhhh'...! You cant get much more Australian than that... We all had a giggle as we strolled past down the road and enjoyed the moment we had just experienced.

As I didn't have my camera on me that night, I went back the next day and took some photos to show you all the beach shack, the sheep however, was know where to be found...

I just love the red and yellow colours. 
(Apparently a developer has purchased the land this shack sits on for 1.5 mill) Unfortunately, this means the place will be bull dozed. One thing though that I noticed a lot in Mission, is that developers have purchased blacks of land, but have done nothing to them, there are still no high rise building yet. I am guessing the locals play a huge role in keeping their place peaceful. It really is a place that is not yet ready for tourism to take over and thats what i love about it, it seems behind the times...

Mission Beach has alot to offer, with gorgeous rainforest walks from easy, to moderate, to difficult courses. There is always Dunk Island to Explore too. And if you are more adventurous than me, there is skydiving on the beach daily.

Another brightly coloured home I had my eye on was this one below....

I think what I love most about the QLD style home, is the colours. Mind you, there were some stunning million dollars beach front homes that I would happily live in any day. But the colourful ones just seem to be filled with the most character and self poise.

And how could I forget.... The little goat... We were walking the beach on one our last days, only to see a couple with a puppy and a goat! It was super cute and it just so happened whilst we were walking beachfront and admiring the houses that we found him munching on some grass.

My apologies for taking so long to post. I have been fighting the dreaded flu since being back, and haven't seen much other than the bedroom and a few good books. I have more photos from my trip I will be sharing, some of the most opulent green countryside I've seen, set amongst original farming and QLD buildings. I felt as though I was back in Africa with the green lushes rainforest and farming fields. Australia has many hidden secrets waiting to be revealed. I will post these soon! xxxxx

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