Sep 9, 2010

Violet & I - Body of Art Exhibition

An event supporting body image & eating disorder awareness week 6-12 September.

Body of Art exhibition bought together spring pieces by Violet & I, an array of art by young women including the awe inspiring Emma Codrington and the celebration of positive body image on Tuesday 7th September at Mars Gallery. Together Anna of Violet & I and Christine Morgan of the Butterfly Foundation hosted a successful and inspirational evening. With over 100 attendees, the upper floor of Mars was taken to a dream like existence with pictures hanging from the ceiling of positive affirmations and Violet & I spring coloured pieces, it really did make you feel like you were surrounded by beautiful, talented artists and supportive spirits.

The Panacheya Camisole was Violet & I's garment of the evening with every 20% of each top sold being donated to the Butterfly Foundation to support those with eating disorders. You can purchase the stunning top in 4 different colours at Violet & I online. (please see top below). Also, each owner of the top will receive a notebook with one of Emma's pictures on the front. (pic below) How lucky are you to be the owner of the gorgeous top and notebook knowing that part of your money spent will support such a wonderful Melbourne based network and group at Butterfly Foundation.... 

Thanks to Anna Linklater, the owner of Violet & I who has been a corporate supporter of the Butterfly Foundation to help inspire those who have been touched by eating disorders. Her support for this foundation will be ongoing and we hope to see a lot more events like this in the future. 
Violet and I have a newsletter that you can all join to keep in the loop for these wonderful gatherings. 

RIGHT - Christine Morgan (CEO Butterfly Foundation), Anna Linklater (violet & I) and Hannah (Butterfly Foundation)

The notebook pictured right with the panacheya top.
Emma Codringtons key work for the evening.

colourful cocktails from smirnoff

mmm lollies...
yummy gelato icecream, the mango is the best! 
The gorgeous Anna Linklater with the top of the evening.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this night Anna, it was truly special. xxxx

all images © victoria robertson 2010

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