Sep 15, 2010

skinny laMinx

So I recently purchased these fabulous pillows below from a gorgeous company on etsy called skinny laMinx. I think the best thing about receiving things from OS is the love and attention that goes into the packaging. When I received these goodies, they were wrapped with love and wonderful bits and pieces. Included in the packaging was a cute little card from the owner, saying 'i hope you love your new pillows', plus there was also a cute little brooch that i have attached to my handbag. These little extras do really make you appreciate all the beautiful things in life.

Thank you skinny laMinx,  I do indeed love my new pillows, which have so easily become part of my workroom! xx


  1. So pleased you like your new pillows. Love these pics you've taken! xx

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback Heather! The lovely mustard color in the print has such a richness to it that taking photos of these was so much fun. On either black or white they look revitalizing. Thanks again x